Kevin D. Roche


Kevin Roche DP has been creating images that engage and inform  audiences for more than 30 years. Using a broad array of technology, lighting and framing to achieve depth of color, texture and nuance.  Kevin’s work as a Director of Photography includes shoots in Corporate HQ’s, Nuclear & Industrial Centers, Broadcast Studios, Surgical Suites, and homes in the US and around the globe.

Clients include Independent Producers, Hospital Health Systems, International Corporations, Political Campaigns, Not-for-Profits, Public Relations, Advertising, Broadcast Networks, Public TV, Cable Networks and Government Agencies.

As one director said about Kevin, “I tell him about how I want my audience to feel.  Then I tell him how many scenes we have to shoot that day.  Then, I just get out of his way.   Time and time again he delivers images that far outreach my expectations.”


Connecticut Video Productions